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We manufacture Wexxar fully automatic case erecting and case sealing solutions for every market with sustained, high-speed operations. Our diverse product line allows us to serve a wide range of customers and an almost unlimited variety of containers — from simple boxes to complex cases and beyond. We take the time to work closely with each customer to recommend the perfect solution and fully support them after the sale — a philosophy that has allowed us to remain an industry leader for over 35 years.

Our patented “Pin and Dome” technology gives continuous repeatable output regardless of corrugated quality and we regularly incorporate new technologies into our products to create innovative and ultra-reliable solutions that improve ROI, reduce labor, and streamline production lines.

Wexxar also manufacturers the IPak product line of tray and bliss forming systems with solution to form, stack, and seal a full range of trays for almost all industries. Our team works closely with customers to recommend both tray designs and machines to suit each application.

We manufacture BEL semi-automatic case erecting and case sealing solutions for every market with manual case packing operations. Our diverse product line provides customers an economical and effective way of reducing the amount of manual labor required to pre-form cases as well as a full range of case sealing solutions — from pressure sensitive tape to hot melt glue.

We also provide compact and economical form, pack, and seal combination systems that run a variety of secondary packaging formats ranging from uniform cases to random cases that vary in height and width. With features ranging from unitized design to energy-saving technology, these systems allow a single operator to form, load, and seal cases, helping save labor costs. In addition to case forming and sealing, we also carry a wide selection of accessories — from spare tape heads to weigh scales to case settling conveyors and more — to help keep end of line operations flowing smoothly day in and day out.

  • Wexxar Case Former & Case Erector Systems
  • BEL Case Erector & Case Sealer Systems
  • IPak Tray Former Systems
  • Entry-level to High-Speed Applications in Every Market
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From standalone applications to complete systems, manufacturers of every product type can reduce costs, optimize performance, and deliver more with ProMach end-of-line solutions.