Because downtime is indiscriminate, every piece of the production line is important. That is why ProMach leverages a general manager led model, where each of our product brands are laser-beam focused on making the best machines and providing localized attention with parts and service support at every point along the production line. No matter the size or scope of a project or where it is on the line, the pursuit of delivering a superior solution that is right for the customer does not change. Every one of ProMach’s product brands has a team ready to support their customers, tailoring individual solutions as needed.


ProMach builds cellular integrations, otherwise thought of as combination systems that are made up of multiple machines integrated into one overall solution segment. Cellular integrated systems can range in size and exist anywhere on the production line. From incorporating additional equipment onto an established keystone machine to integrating a partial line, ProMach’s competency is around joining two or more applications of any kind to provide more value to our customers. The type of combination and amount of equipment is dependent upon customer specifications and production line needs. ProMach’s collective of product brands collaborate to configure all sorts of systems to fit defined footprints, reduce equipment complexity, and increase efficacy of operations.


Because the breadth of ProMach’s portfolio spans the entire production line, we are capable of manufacturing all the pieces necessary to provide complete turnkey processing and packaging lines along with an engineering services team that takes accountability for the project from line design to mechanical and electrical integration. With industry-leading brands, there’s no need to compromise when choosing to source most or all equipment from ProMach. This adds convenience and project efficiency to what otherwise can be an extensive and strenuous process. From the beginning, ProMach will deploy the right team of technical application and engineering experts for the project, taking on the production line from start to finish.


ProMach’s digital intelligence solutions transform ordinary production line machines into smart systems. Through years of experience helping customers optimize their production lines, ProMach has developed a digital intelligence solutions platform capable of harnessing critical production line data. Our proprietary software integrates into any processing or packaging machine, no matter its origin. It can collect the broadest set of data from any sensor and provide real-time information that is not only meaningful but useful in crafting actionable insights. Our team of data specialists also help customers identify the right analytics to connect and map them into visual readings.