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Rennco manufactures vertical L-bar sealing equipment and automated bagging systems for food service disposables, laundry, garment, and pharmaceutical applications. For more than 50 years, companies have depended on our solutions to package a wide variety of products in centerfold polyethylene, polyolefin, and PVC films.

Rennco offers a wide range of innovative, reliable, and cost-effective vertical bagging solutions for poly-bagged products, from simple semi-automatic machines to fully automatic systems with specially designed product handling, counting, accumulating, and feeding devices. Included in every Rennco machine is our unique sealing system that allows a variety of materials to be sealed by adjusting three critical parameters—heat, pressure, and time. This unique, constantly heated, coated-seal bar provides smokeless, odorless, and low maintenance sealing for all product applications. Our equipment is durable, easy to operate, and backed by experienced engineering and customer support teams to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

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