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Pacific provides both high-performance rotary filling systems as well as value priced and versatile inline filling systems for leading manufacturers worldwide. Our filling capabilities accommodate a wide range of free-flowing liquids and semi-viscous products including salad dressings, sauces, beverages, automotive fluids, personal care products, and household cleaning products as well as highly viscous products including mayonnaise, peanut butter, grease, and spackling compound, among others.

Pacific rotary filling technologies include volumetric time + pressure and flow meter, which are available either as standalone fillers or in expanded configurations including monobloc filler/cappers or tribloc rinser/filler/cappers. Pacific inline filling technologies include volumetric pump and flow meter, which are available either as standalone models, or they can be supplied as a system with ProMach’s PackWest inline or Zalkin standalone cappers.

For nearly 60 years, our high-quality custom and standard solutions, combined with personalized customer service, has made us the leading choice for high-speed rotary and inline fillers.

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