30 Best-in-class
41 Manufacturing
17 Sales
Global Reach
  • Barry Heiser headshot
    BARRY HEISER President, Prime Labeling 33 years in packaging
  • Michel Lapierre  headshot
    MICHEL LAPIERRE President, Pharmaceutical Packaging 39 years in packaging
  • Bret Ranc headshot
    BRET RANC President, Secondary Packaging 23 years in packaging
  • Alan Shipman headshot
    ALAN SHIPMAN President, Labeling & Coding 22 years in packaging
  • Doug Stambaugh headshot
    DOUG STAMBAUGH President, Global Filler & Integrated Solutions 32 years in packaging
  • Greg Jacob headshot
    GREG JACOB Senior Vice President, Allpax, Pace, Stock 24 years in packaging
  • Ryan McCart headshot
    RYAN MCCART Senior Vice President, End of Line 16 years in packaging
  • Bruno Negri headshot
    BRUNO NEGRI Senior Vice President, PE Labellers 43 years in packaging
  • Frank Roberts headshot
    FRANK ROBERTS Senior Vice President, Performance Services 28 years in packaging
  • Troy Snader headshot
    TROY SNADER Senior VIce President, Flexibles 30 years in packaging
  • Luke Barber headshot
    LUKE BARBER Vice President, Corporate Development 7 years in packaging
  • Pete Carpino headshot
    PETE CARPINO Vice President, Filling Systems 20 years in packaging
  • Kevin Carroll headshot
    KEVIN CARROLL Vice President, Corporate Finance 20+ Years in Strategic Finance
  • Krista Combs headshot
    KRISTA COMBS Vice President, Human Resources 18 years in Human Resources
  • John Eklund headshot
    JOHN EKLUND Vice President, Marketing 17+ years in packaging
  • Chris Forte headshot
    CHRIS FORTE Vice President, Corporate Treasury 9+ Years in Manufacturing
  • J.R. Roemke headshot
    J.R. ROEMKE Vice President, ProMach Business Process 25 years in supply chain and process improvement
  • Joe Switzer headshot
    JOE SWITZER Vice President, Information Technology 20+ years in information technology
  • Jeremy Willis headshot
    JEREMY WILLIS VP, Corporate Tax 13+ years in tax management