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Ferlo manufactures a variety of autoclaves and pasteurizing tunnels used for cooking and sterilizing foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other consumable products, complemented by a range of automatic and semi-automatic product handling and delivery systems.

Ferlo’s tailored solutions are based on each production line’s unique set of needs with focus on homogeneous temperature distribution, cycle-time reduction, the organic properties that make up each product processed, the packaging that is applied to the primary product, and condensate recovery.

Our retort technologies include water cascade, ShakaTM and shaking autoclaves. The water cascade autoclaves can be static or move in rotary or pendular motion while being heated and cooled using different water spray options. Our handling systems for basket loading and unloading have great capacity to adapt to different rates of production and types of package sizes and styles – from bottles and vials to metal cans and flexible pouches. Ferlo’s proprietary advanced control system software helps to increase productivity and quality of the production process

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