ProMach End-of-Line Packaging Solutions Introduces at Pack Expo New Machines for Forming Smaller Cases, Reducing Film Consumption, and Increasing Flexibility

Sep 21, 2017

ProMach End-of-Line Packaging Solutions also emphasizes multi-brand solutions that lower risk and accelerate startup on major projects. (ProMach End of Line Solutions includes systems from Tekkra and Texwrap # C-2825, IPAK and Wexxar Bel # C-2827, Brenton # C-3025, Edson # C-3027, Orion # C-3029, and Rennco C-3229.)

COVINGTON, KY — ProMach End-of-Line Packaging Solutions introduces at Pack Expo, Sept. 25-27 in Las Vegas, new and updated packaging solutions that create greater sustainability in terms of lower material costs and greater flexibility to handle the proliferation of products being packaged today. ProMach’s End-of-Line Packaging Solutions is a single source supplier for stand-alone machines as well as complex turnkey packaging systems. (ProMach End-of-Line Solutions at Pack Expo includes systems from Tekkra and Texwrap # C-2825, IPAK and Wexxar Bel# C-2827, Brenton # C-3025, Edson # C-3027, Orion # C-3029, and Rennco C-3229.)

“ProMach emphasizes partnering with our clients and understanding what their needs are,” said Ryan McCart, senior vice president, End-of-Line Packaging Solutions. “Then we use our experience and our engineering expertise to provide our clients with systems that help them achieve their production goals. We follow that up with a commitment to customer service that sustains machine longevity within their facilities for long-term success.”

Smaller and lighter packaging supports today’s trends for greater sustainability

In terms of meeting emerging sustainability trends for smaller and lighter packaging, McCart pointed to the Wexxar Bel new Delta 1 platform for small-case erecting. This new platform delivers faster speeds, easier operation, and minimized time spent loading small cases into the machine compared to previous-generation case formers / case erectors. For the rapidly growing e-commerce sector, Texwrap developed the new Auto-Mailer 2410 that reduces the amount of film consumed in polybags through a packaging and labeling system that creates custom bags for each product, based on the product’s width, height, and length. Trays are not only ideal for displaying products, this style of packaging also reduces material consumption. IPAK’s new TF-330GH is an automatic tray former for greenhouse produce, field-grown produce, baked goods, and other products that utilizes the latest technology, long wearing components, and fast, precise changeover to ensure users achieve a high return on investment.

Film provides another source of material source reduction

The Rennco NextGen 301 is a new high-speed vertical bagger designed to increase throughput, improve flexibility, lower labor, and reduce material consumption compared to last-generation baggers. The new Tekkra 5130 motion bundler features a small footprint yet delivers material savings as well as high-speed, flexibility, ease of operation, and optimum uptime for increased throughput.

The need for greater flexibility at the end of the packaging line

Both Brenton and Edson are showing new flexible case-packaging solutions utilizing robotics. Brenton features a collaborative robot with integral vision that picks trays off a conveyor, orients them, and then feeds the trays into a Brenton Mach-2 side-load case packer. An integrated HMI enables the conventional case packer and robot to operate as a unified system. At the Edson booth, attendees will see a robot picking different sized cartons from a conveyor and side-loading packages into large shipping cases. The system determines the optimum pack pattern for each mixed lot based on customer selections. The Orion self-guided stretch wrapper is ideal for randomness of pick-to-order distribution centers where each load is different and the organization gains productivity advantages by wrapping loads at multiple locations.

In addition to information about individual machines, ProMach application engineers will detail for show attendees the company’s turnkey – filler to palletizer – integration services. These services feature one point of contact and the convenience of a single purchase order for turnkey end-of-line systems. Customers experience fast, trouble-free startup and best-in-class training, documentation, operational safety, and aftermarket support through the ProMach ProCustomer® program.

Stopping by any one of the ProMach End-of-Line Packaging Solutions exhibits is in effect stopping at all of them as technical representatives can make introductions at sister divisions for a complete one-stop-shop experience at Pack Expo. Call 1-800-535-2730 and visit for more information.

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