First of Its Kind Retort Optimized for Pouches and Semi Rigid Trays

Jun 02, 2010

This innovative retort is designed to improve flavor and increase throughput

Covington, LA - Allpax, a division of ProMach and the market leader in retort technology and retort room automation, today introduced the Allpax Gentle Motion retort - the first high capacity, high throughput retort specifically designed for pouches and semi-rigid trays.

Because the Gentle Motion retort shortens retort cycle time, the quality, i.e., flavor of the product is optimized. The improvement to flavor comes largely from the prevention of overcooked and/or scorched products. The gentle motion process also helps with the hydration of starchy products such as beans, rice, and other high-starch foods. Depending on the product being retorted, cycle time may be reduced from five to 40 percent. Reduced cycle time also helps to decrease energy consumption while increasing overall retort room throughput.

"Brand owners gain shelf appeal, lower material costs, and offer consumers convenience when they package products in pouches and semi-rigid trays," said Adam Reichert, Allpax process engineer and thermal processing specialist. "Allpax developed gentle motion as an enabling technology for brand owners and co-packers who are pursuing a pouch and/or tray strategy."

The Gentle Motion retort uses longitudinal rather than rotational movement to accelerate the sterilization process. Longitudinal motion is optimal for the even distribution of heat within pouches and semi-rigid trays - packaging that lays flat in the retort rather than the vertical orientation of cans and bottles. There are other longitudinal retort solutions available, but none have the up to six basket capacity of the Gentle Motion retort. Allpax has presented information on this new method of agitation along with performance data to the FDA to ensure that this regulatory agency is kept up to date on industry innovations.

Fully automated loading is an option that can be selected with the initial purchase, or it can be added in the future. Furthermore, if strategies change and gentle motion is no longer needed, the agitation hardware can be removed and the packer gains an additional basket of retort capability.

Allpax offers a full spectrum of software solutions for improved control and reporting capabilities. Because the Allpax control solution is Internet enabled through secure virtual private networks, the Gentle Motion retort can be remotely supported by Allpax in real time.

Brand owners and co-packagers interested in testing the flavor and measuring the throughput improvements offered by the Gentle Motion retort may send samples to Allpax or they may buy or lease an Allpax 2402 Multimode research and development retort for in-house testing.

For more information on the quality, throughput, and energy savings of the Gentle Motion retort call 888-893-9277 or visit

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