Fowler Products’ Showcases a Range of Advanced Capping Solutions at Pack Expo 2015

Aug 25, 2015

ATHENS, Ga. — Fowler Products, powered by ProMach, showcases at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015, September 28-30, a breadth of products that offers something for all show attendees looking for the latest solutions and insights into capping. Fowler will be displaying solutions for industries ranging from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and personal care with a full range of applications from entry-level capping systems to extended shelf life technology and more. (Fowler Products Pack Expo Booth C-2915)

Small footprint/high speed pharmaceutical capping machine

The Fowler/Zalkin high-speed, eight-head CAS 8/360 capping machine for pharmaceuticals on the show floor will soon be installed at a customer facility. This machine offers extensive flexibility in the number of bottle sizes – from 30 to 900 cubic centimeters (1 to 30 ounces) at speeds of up to 240 bottles a minute. To facilitate fast changeover the entire cap path, including cap handling, compact waterfall sorter, cap chute, transfer star wheel, and chucks, are all tool-less quick change. In addition the torque on the capping heads is tool-less. The operator selects the required inch/pounds of torque from the scale etched into the capping head. This stainless steel machine offers fast line clearance and is manufactured following Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) standards.

The Fowler/Zalkin CAS 8/360 capper is also equipped with the company’s highest speed inspection/rejection system. This quality control system can cap and visually inspect more than 900 bottles per minute. Fowler’s unique approach to failsafe inspection/rejection is designed for pharmaceutical, personal care, and food companies seeking verification that every cap is properly applied.

In Fowler’s approach to inspection/rejection, bottles failing inspection are shunted off to a reject lane before they leave the capping machine. Fowler’s unique design gently diverts a rejected bottle off to a reject lane so that the bottle remains upright and does not spill its contents contaminating the packaging line. Fowler will also be demonstrating the new ProTech by ProMach™ remote monitoring and remote service initiatives being introduced at Pack Expo 2015.

Capping with extended shelf-life capabilities

The modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) demonstration at the Fowler booth involves headspace oxygen purging with nitrogen. Fowler/Zalkin has a track record of success with this difficult MAP application with both food and beverage companies looking for extended shelf life, including a first of its kind single serve wine package on a high-tech filling/capping/labeling line. This solution also features online torque monitoring through an electronic capping head to ensure the quality of the capping process.

Screw and seal capping head for StelVin Lux aluminum caps

The Zalkin VS 110 screw and seal capping head demonstrated at Pack Expo is an industry leading two-actions-in-one solution for premium StelVin Lux aluminum caps. This single-turret solution can replace twin turrets or two separate machines, saving considerable floor space and capital investment. The VS110 screw and seal capping head with quick release coupling is ideal for wine, beer, spirits, energy drinks, and nutraceuticals, giving bottles an upscale look for premium packaging and pricing. This series is also used for capping the revolutionary aluminum bottle.

Pump placement for dispensers

Following extensive research, development, and customer trials, Fowler/Zalkin now produces a pump capper the company believes will set a new standard of performance for applying dispenser pumps and triggers. This new screw capping head offers unique features found only with Fowler/Zalkin electronic solutions. These heads utilize independently controlled brushless DC motors to provide direct drive of the capping chuck. The pump capper does not require a belt driven gear set to rotate the capping head/chuck. This provides for a very clean machine. Additionally, the head delivers 100 percent application torque feedback data, which can be captured for use in quality assurance and machine performance evaluation.

The Zalkin CAS 3/360 offers the performance of more expensive machines

The Zalkin CAS 3/360 is an entry-level capper rated at up to 60 units per minute. The machine on display at Pack Expo will be installed on an edible oils packaging line. Looking to replace an entry-level capper that was unreliable, the customer came to Fowler for a Fowler/Zalkin machine that would be reliable, efficient, and not break the bank. The CAS 3/360 sophisticated hysteresis magnetic control provides consistent, smooth torque, and quick tool-less adjustment.

Fowler is also displaying: The new H6 hysteresis screw capping head with quick release chuck for 28 mm 1881 double seal, super shorty screw closures; BH5 magnetic screw capping head with quick release chuck for 38mm VHS Silgan caps; and the type 97 Stainless steel ROPP Sealing Head.

“We put a lot of thought into this year’s Pack Expo exhibit, striving to show a range of solutions that would most satisfy show attendees,” said Franck Vidal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fowler. “Pack Expo 2015 is an excellent opportunity for customers to not only sit down with Fowler for capping discussions, but also with Federal Mfg. and Pace Packaging exhibiting in adjacent booths, for insights on their filling and bottle orientation and unscrambling solutions. In effect, Pack Expo will provide a one-stop-shop session at the ProMach Bottling and Capping Group Island.”

For more information about Fowler/Zalkin capping and cap handling solutions, call 877-549-3301, and visit the Fowler Products website, Be sure to stop by the Fowler Pack Expo Booth C-2915, Federal Mfg. Booth C-2917, and Pace Packaging Booth C-2919.

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