PDF Seal Commissions State-of-the-Art Printing Press

Nov 11, 2021
Nilpeter FA-17 10-Color Flexo Press
The new Nilpeter FA-17 10-Color Flexo Press line is fully operational in PDF Seal's facility in Hauppauge, NY.

PDF Seal, a division of Modern Packaging that produces pre-die cut foil lids, has installed a new printing press in their New York manufacturing facility. ProMach, which acquired both Modern Packaging and PDF Seal in 2020, recently invested in a new printing press that will allow PDF Seal to expand its print options, as well as improve product quality and operating efficiency. The newly commissioned line features a Nilpeter FA-17 10-color flexo press, the latest technology for superior flexographic printing. The addition of the FA-17 adds reverse-side printing capabilities to PDF Seal’s product portfolio.

“The investment in this capability was based on customer demand, and it will allow PDF Seal to continue to provide value to our current and future customers, as well as add significant capability to our offering,” said Zaki Hossain, General Manager of PDF Seal and Modern. The 10-color line, which is 25% more efficient than the existing lines, includes fast make-ready and waste reduction features, 100% print inspection and servo-driven gearless printing units. “PDF Seal is excited to be a part of ProMach and have the ability to invest in new technology, such as the new printing press, that will enable us to provide better products for our customers. I’m excited for the growth potential from this investment,” said Hossain.

This new technology creates more opportunities for PDF Seal customers to share branding, coupon codes, sweepstakes and targeted consumer messaging on the inside of their foil lids. PDF Seal produces a wide range of pre-die cut foil lids for the food and beverage industries, while Modern is an industry leader in manufacturing cup filling solutions. PDF and Modern allow ProMach the ability to offer clients a vertically integrated machine and material solution.

The additional printing line increases operational efficiency and adds reverse-side printing capabilities to PDF Seal's product portfolio.

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