Retort Upgrades Improve Quality and Productivity at Canneries

Apr 29, 2010

Allpax establishes program for the revitalization of vertical saturated steam and water immersion retorts

Covington, LA - Allpax Products, a division of ProMach and the market leader in retort technology and retort room automation, announced today a new program to improve the quality and productivity of canneries through control system upgrades to vertical saturated steam and water immersion retorts.

"The Allpax solution of state-of-the-art control hardware with Allpax retort software will help to reduce direct labor costs, improve product quality, lower energy costs, and overall make the canning operation more economically sustainable," said Greg Jacob, Allpax general manager. "We believe a significant number of vertical saturated steam and water immersion retort-based operations will find this the optimum time to transition away from systems that rely heavily on either manual retort operation or hard to maintain proprietary controllers."

The Allpax solution

Following an audit by application engineers, Allpax recommends the optimum hardware/software control system upgrade for the cannery. Allpax is standardized on off-the-shelf Allen-Bradley PLCs and color touch screen operator interface devices. Allen Bradley components are proven, reliable, and readily available on current models as well as Allpax retort systems dating back over 20 years.

Software solutions are based on Allpax software modules that are recognized as leading the industry in capabilities. Because the Allpax control solution is Internet enabled, systems can be supported remotely in real time. Allpax provides all the integration of control hardware and software for the solution provided to the cannery.

"Because of the superior price/performance of the Allpax control solutions, canneries will be able to significantly improve economically and environmentally and do so with a return on investment that makes sense," Jacob said. "Furthermore, while working with Allpax, the cannery is assured of partnering with an organization recognized for both its retort expertise and attention to customer service."

Jacob said that Allpax recently established a specialized focus for vertical saturated steam and water immersion operations. This focus delivers improved sustainability through control system upgrades, retort vessel safety improvements, the availability of otherwise hard to obtain retort accessories, and solutions focused energy savings and energy recovery. Allpax is ASME certified for any required pressure vessel work.

For more information on improving the sustainability of canneries through control system revitalization, safety improvements, energy savings, and replacements for hard to find retort accessories, call 888-893-9277. To read more about the control system solution for vertical saturated steam and water immersion canneries visit Link.

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