Wexxar Bel Debuts New DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System and Automatic Case Size Adjust at PACK EXPO 2019

Sep 03, 2019

RICHMOND, British Columbia, September 3, 2019 – If there’s one hot new product to see at PACK EXPO 2019, it’s the DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM (Modular Expandable Magazine) Systemand Auto Adjust from Wexxar Bel, in action in booth C-2824 at PACK EXPO, Sept. 23-25, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Streamlining the loading process with easier case loading is accomplished with the all new, patent-pending ergonomic-to-load MXM* design that increases the capacity of case blanks in the machine. The open design of the MXM allows for manual case loading that can be easily adapted to automatic loading. Continuous operation and uptime is achievable with minimal labor-intensive manipulation of cases during loading.

DELTA 1’s auto-adjust technology minimizes the level of operator engagement by automating many of the major adjustments on the case former, limiting human factors that impact machine setup and changeover. The updated loading features, along with the auto-adjust technology, work together in optimizing operator productivity by freeing up time spent on the machine for other areas within the plant.

“The operator doesn’t need to go in and mechanically move things or interpret rules on the machine to bring it into adjustment. They pick from the menu and the DELTA 1 makes the adjustment and it’s good to go,” said Sander Smith, Product Manager, Wexxar Bel. “What this does is make changeovers predictable and repeatable in terms of time and adjustments. It’s done automatically, and in only a few minutes.”

Smith said the automatic programmable capabilities of the DELTA 1 is a great asset to a packaging line, especially for food manufacturers and other industries that have operators with varying levels of experience with machines. Safety also increases due to less operator interaction, Smith added.

The DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System is also debuting with hot melt sealant at PACK EXPO 2019. Although available in both hot melt and tape, hot melt is generally the adhesive of choice for medium to larger-sized companies that operate 24/7.

Features and benefits of the new DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System include:

  • Wexxar’s exclusive patented Pin & Dome** case opening technology that provides reliable case separation, squaring and forming
  • Dynamic flap-folding for consistent square cases, even for recycled or double-wall cases
  • Wexxar’s WISE smart controls system allows for easy machine operation, troubleshooting and maintenance; servo-drive for maintenance free, efficient and precise movements
  • Fully interlocked guard doors and emergency stops on both sides of the machine
  • Flex speed with remote demand caters speed ranges to each case size or style
  • Toolless, color-coded size changeover in minutes with user-friendly, on-machine pictorial guides
  • Corrosion resistant and paint free frame construction
  • HMI color touchscreen interface

To see how the new The DELTA 1 Fully Automatic Case Former with MXM System can improve your packaging line’s automation and output, visit Wexxar Bel in booth C-2824 at PACK EXPO 2019. For more information on the DELTA 1, visit; Wexxar Bel is a ProMach brand.

*US Pat. Application No. 16/111.653

**US. Patent No. 7,766,808 & 7,422,552

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