Wexxar Bel Introduces Enhanced Speed Case Former for Packagers Needing Occasional Production Boost

Sep 02, 2013
  • Enhanced Speed Option delivers elegant solution for increased case output
  • Ideal for batch runs of smaller cases at higher speeds
  • Enhanced WF30H debuts at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 23-25, Booth C-2014

Delta, British Columbia, Canada – Getting that little boost in packaging line production to meet increased demand is not always easy. Wexxar Bel, powered by ProMach, has solved this problem with its new WF30H Case Former with Enhanced Speed Option. The new WF30H model provides an optional high-speed mode, which allows operators to adjust forming and sealing for optimum, faster output on different case sizes.

The new model WF30H with Enhanced Speed Option is ideal for situations when certain packaging lines need a burst of speed or when experiencing occasional spikes in production. Manufacturers and packagers which produce batch runs of small cases at higher speeds, or plan to expand production with smaller case size options will benefit most from the new case former.

The ‘speed boost’ comes from advances in Wexxar’s linear servo system design, which allows for greater operator adjustment to case propulsion through the machine and finer control of the sealing process at high speed. The level of case propulsion and sealing speed is operator adjustable through a high-resolution touchscreen control with easy to follow formats and presets. The amount of ‘speed boost’ and production increase varies with changes in case size and format. Wexxar’s Enhanced Speed Option is available on both hot-melt glue and tape sealing WF30 models.

“Our customers increasingly need to ship multiple product counts, more frequently in smaller options. As a result case dimensions are smaller and output is faster,” said Sander Smith, Wexxar Bel Product Manager. “The new WF30H with Enhanced Speed Option gives operators greater control and flexibility to deal with these changes and increase production when needed.”

The WF30 is Wexxar’s best selling case former and was the first machine to use its color-coded setup system, touchscreen controls and case size presets. All WF30s produced today also include the Auto-Adjust automatic changeover feature introduced last year and Wexxar’s superior Pin and Dome case opening technology, which leads the industry in handling reliability.

“The WF30 has been an impactful product for our customers,” added Mr. Smith. “It provides customers with unprecedented control and flexibility over their packaging operations with outstanding quality and value. It has also been a great platform for Wexxar to continually introduce new enhancements that improve production and increase safety.”

The WF30H with Enhanced Speed Option will debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 23-25, in Wexxar Bel’s booth, C-2014.

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