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Pouch Packaging & Cartoning Systems

Bartelt manufactures a complete range of horizontal form fill & seal (HFFS) as well as fill & seal pouch packaging systems for the food and confectionery, beverage, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, chemical, and tobacco markets. Having developed numerous designs and patents for the very first-generation HFFS technology, Bartelt is a pioneer in the packaging automation industry and has shipped over 4,000 systems worldwide. For more than 70 years, customers have counted on Bartelt systems to handle their full range of pouch packaging needs.

Bartelt systems can produce a wide range of pouch types and sizes for food and non-food products, including sachets, shaped pouches, bottom gusset pouches, three-sided seal pouches, four-sided seal pouches, and stand-up pouches for dry products or liquids, including single-serve products. Machines feature a hygienic, open, and modular design capable of running up to 150 pouches per minute, offering both mechanically driven and servo driven configurations. Value-added optional features including resealable press-to-close zippers and ultrasonic top sealing are also available.

Bartelt also provides solutions for cartoning, shrink wrapping, shrink bundling, case packing, and tray packing systems through their Kayat and Scandia product lines.

  • Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Solutions
  • Fill & Seal Solutions
  • Overwrapping/Shrink Wrapping Solutions
  • Shrink Bundling Solutions
  • Cartoning Solutions
  • Case Packing Solutions
  • Tray Packing Solutions
  • Tray Stacking Solutions
  • Food
  • Confectionery
  • Beverage
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Tobacco
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A single-source provider of flexible packaging and rigid tray packaging solutions, ProMach serves a variety of industries and applications