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ID Technology is a single source provider for labels, equipment, expertise, and service. Our customers depend on us to design, build, and install the most effective labeling systems for their companies. We provide labels all over the United States and Canada from our regional converting facilities and offer fast, responsive service and support to ensure customers always operate at peak efficiency. We also provide a full range of labeling solutions from simple semi-automatic label applicators to high-speed label printer applicators. This wide range of labeling solutions satisfies a variety of product identification needs in primary and secondary packaging across every industry, including:

• Labels, tags, & ribbons • Label printer applicators • Label printers • Decorative label applicators • Pressure sensitive label applicators • LSI integrated labeling systems

ID Technology also offers state-of-the-art coding and marking systems for a wide range of product identification requirements. We provide a full line of solutions including continuous ink jet coders, large character ink jet printers, laser coders, and thermal transfer overprinters. These coding and marking solutions allow customers to print date/lot codes, bar codes, and text on any substrate. We provide years of expertise in these systems with solutions including:

• Continuous ink jet (CIJ) printing • CO₂ laser coding • Thermal transfer overprinting (TTO) • Large character & high resolution case coding • YAG & fiber laser marking • Marking, slitting, scoring, & perforating lasers

  • Labeling Solutions
  • Coding Solutions
  • Marking Solutions
  • Applications in both primary and secondary packaging in every market
  • Applications involving date/lot codes, bar codes, and text on any substrate in every market
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Accuracy, speed, and efficiency: ProMach is recognized across the globe as a leading, single-source supplier for high-quality labeling, coding, and marking systems.