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Flow Wrapping, Tray Packaging & Vacuum Sealing Systems

Reepack is a leading manufacturer of high-quality flexible and tray packaging machinery including vacuum chambers, thermoformers, tray sealers, and horizontal flow wrappers. Each of our product lines has a comprehensive range of models to address different package styles, sizes, and shapes, allowing us to serve a wide range of food, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial component companies with packaging technologies that preserve and protect products across the primary packaging spectrum.

From entry-level systems for smaller operations, to flexible and compact models supporting specialty items, to high-performance machines for high volume, continuous output, Reepack has an extensive range of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic solutions to match the production needs of our customers. Reepack thermoformers can process flexible and rigid films made of varying film widths, forming depths, and cut-off lengths. Our flow wrappers address varying market use cases with four unique model types including rotary jaw, long dwell flow, box motion, and 4-sided seal packages. Reepack tray sealer capabilities include solid sealing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and vacuum skin packaging (VSP). And for small and mid-sized food processors looking to enter the case-ready market in a scalable way, Reepack vacuum chambers maintain full seal integrity without worry of product squeeze or deformation.

  • Vacuum Chamber Systems
  • Tray Sealing Systems
  • Thermoforming Packaging Systems
  • Horizontal Flow Wrapping Systems
  • Fresh and Processed Meats
  • Ready-To-Eat Foods
  • Cheese
  • Bakery and Snack
  • Fresh Produce
  • Medical Device and Healthcare Goods
  • Consumer Goods
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A single-source provider of flexible packaging and rigid tray packaging solutions, ProMach serves a variety of industries and applications