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Horizontal Flow Wrapping, Tray Packaging, and Vacuum Sealing Systems

Reepack is a leading manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging and tray sealing machinery including vacuum chambers, thermoformers, tray sealers, and horizontal flow wrappers. Each of our product categories has a comprehensive range of models to address different package styles and end-product sizes and shapes, allowing us to support the packaging of a wide range of food and medical products, as well as industrial components and consumer goods.

From entry-level to flexible and compact models up to high performance machines, Reepack has an extensive range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to match the production needs of our customers.

Reepack thermoformers can process flexible and rigid films made of varying film widths, forming depth and cut-off lengths. Reeapack’s line of flow wrappers encompasses four unique model types to address varying market use cases. Technologies include rotary jaw, long dwell flow, box motion, and 4-sided seal packages. Reepack tray sealer capabilities include solid sealing, Modified Atmosphere Process (MAP) and Vacuum Skin Packages (VSP).

Reepack is dedicated to designing packaging technologies that preserve and protect our customers’ products across a spectrum of primary packaging.

  • Vacuum Chamber Systems
  • Tray Sealing Systems
  • Thermoforming Packaging Systems
  • Horizontal Flow Wrapping Systems
  • Fresh and Processed Meats
  • Ready-To-Eat Foods
  • Cheese
  • Bakery and Snack
  • Fresh Produce
  • Medical Device and Healthcare Goods
  • Consumer Goods
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A single-source provider of flexible packaging and rigid tray packaging solutions, ProMach serves a variety of industries and applications