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Capping & Cap Handling Systems

From a 0.2 ounce (5 milliliter) vial to a 5 gallon (3.8 liter) container, Zalkin capping technology addresses the full range of application needs including high-performance capping, cap sorting, cap feeding, and de-capping operations. For over 85 years, we have provided both standard and highly customized capping systems to customers worldwide in industries including beverage, distilled spirits, wine, food, pharmaceutical, household products, personal care, and chemicals.

Zalkin offers unique and proprietary technologies to feed, orient, and apply a wide range of closure types, including screw caps, roll-on aluminum closures, oriented and non-oriented push-down closures, plugs, pumps, fitments, and lids. We offer low, medium, and high-speed solutions for semi-automatic or automatic lines with one or many capping heads. We also offer both freestanding capping machines and capping turrets for monobloc fillers, as well as specialized cap handling, sorting, feeding, conveying, and bulk dumping systems to facilitate turnkey capping lines.

  • Bottle Capping Systems
  • Cap Feeding Systems
  • Cap Sorting & Orienting Systems
  • Cap Conveying Systems
  • Beverage
  • Distilled Spirits
  • Wine
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Household Products
  • Personal Care
  • Chemical
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ProMach offers a wide range of bottling and capping solutions that handle containers going into and coming out of filling operations.